Rapala RipStop 12 – New Fishing Gear for 2018

Rapala revolutionized minnow baits when it introduced its first…
July 28, 2018/by admin
Tony Roach with Yellow Perch

Lures for Catching Hard Water Perch

During the hard water season, many anglers venture out onto…
December 9, 2017/by admin
Smallmouth Bass

Slowing Down to Catch More Fish

It was an up and down weekend as far as the weather was concerned.…
July 27, 2017/by admin

Working at a Fishing Lodge

By Kyle Sanson

Imagine being able to fall asleep every…
June 13, 2016/by admin

Walleye Fishing On Late Season Ice Ridges

Some days you venture out only to find out that crack has turned into a ice ridge and you can't cross it because it's over 6 feet high. So you have no choice but to fish near the ice ridge or find a way around it. But my groups would be setting hooks on walleye all day along the ridge. It turns out that an ice ridge is a pretty good place to ice fish after all.
April 12, 2016/by admin

Layer Up for Winter

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. It’s an edict we live by in the northern hemisphere. And thankfully, outdoor clothing has come a long way in helping us stay warm and dry while we pursue our passions.
December 4, 2015/by admin
Small mouth bass at the Kenora Bass International

5 Important Lessons for Bass Fishing Tournaments

This year’s bass tournament consisted a series of circumstances that taught us some unforgettable lessons. While our initial intent was to simple report on the outcome of our 3 days of tournament bass fishing, we think there’s a lot we learned that we can share.
August 16, 2015/by admin

Kenora Bass International

Anyone who tells you that a 3 day bass fishing tournament is all fun and games... is a liar!
March 11, 2015/by admin