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Elk Burger

Ingredients 1 lb of ground Elk. (for 4 burgers) 1/2 cup of chopped cooked bacon 1 tbsp of chopped garlic 1 tbsp of chopped fried onions Salt Pepper Sliced tomato Lettuce Sliced red onions 4 eggs 4 buns (I like brioche for the sweetness). Salsa Golf Preparation 1. Fry and chop the bacon. Elk is […]

Open-Face Pulled Moose Sandwich

Ingredients 1 kg moose roast 1 glass of red wine Salt Pepper Beef stock 2 spoons of Barbecue sauce Chilli flakes Chopped onions Sliced tomatoes Lettuce leaves Sliced cheddar cheese Rosemary Hot sauce 2 slices of hard crust multi grain bread Preparation 1. Place the moose roast in a pan, add the wine, the beef […]

Elk Steak Sandwich With Peppers Frittata

Ingredients 4 Elk steaks approx. 5 oz each 1 cup of olive oil 1 red pepper 1 green pepper 1 yellow pepper 1 orange pepper 2 serrano peppers 1 white onion Herbs Salt Pepper 1 french baguette Chimichurri recipe available here Sliced tomato Lettuce Micro arugula Preparation 1. Slice all the peppers and the onion. […]

Elk Sausage 3 Ways

The soul of these sandwiches are the toppings used for each of them. For that reason I will give you the recipes to create this and you can use them for any other meal or sandwich you would like to enjoy. Ingredients 3 elk sausages Pickled eggplant Salsa criolla Tomato tapenade Tomato Tapanade 2 tomatoes, […]

Hunting Season Survival Basics

We all look forward to the upcoming hunting seasons and the adventures they will bring. Calling a bull moose across a boreal swamp, an elk bugling across a mountain valley, chasing sheep and goats along rocky cliffs. Perhaps you’re in a different country, continent or just trying to outsmart that big backyard whitetail. Whatever your […]

Ice Safety

Winter means snowmobiling, ice fishing, trapping, hunting, or even just a good old game of pond hockey. These activities can take you on one of our plentiful bodies of water made solid by the winter cold. Ice can be a dangerous thing even while looking completely harmless, so here are some ice safety tips to […]

Basic Survival Skills for your Summer Adventures

Summertime is full of fun and adventure. Often this comes along with a certain level of risk and the reality is that disaster can strike at any moment. The key to mitigating these disasters is being as prepared as possible with some basic survival skills. The truth is that it’s not just those taking back […]