Treestand Safety – Remember it!

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It’s that time of year again when we all start climbing trees in hopes of closing our tags. Excitement, weather conditions, carelessness, and a number of other factors can make this a treacherous acticity. Life can change in an instant, so PLEASE take the time this year to remember your treestand safety percautions.

Here is a short video to remind us of the importance of treestand safety.

Portable Winch – The Outdoorsman’s Best Friend

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Ever dropped a moose in a swamp and regretted the next 2 days of your life? Ever been stuck in your truck or quad and couldn’t get out. Or maybe you’ve found a tree on the trail that you just couldn’t move?

Well not anymore. We found the ultimate tool for outdoorsmen and we wont be leaving home without it again. The Portable Winch is without a doubt the handiest piece of equipment you’ll ever own. Built to last and perform, we can’t even count the ways this thing could you out of trouble.

Portable Winch has sent us their PCW3000 Hunting Kit which comes with a super convenient, back pack style carrying case so you can take well beyond the reach of your vehicle. We are looking forward to testing this tool in the field and will be posting videos and reviews as we go. In the meantime, here’s a promo video to give you am idea of what this bad boy is capable of.



20 Stocking-Stuffer Ideas for Outdoorsmen

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Here are 20 of our favourite stocking-stuffer gadgets, tools, tech and toys that will make even a grown man squeal with joy on Christmas morning.

Brad’s Essential Hunting Gear

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With hunting season finally here, I thought I would share my pack essentials.

Innovative Trail Camera Software

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Collecting data from your trail cameras, measuring the results and using them to determine when and where to hunt can often be overwhelming. Wild Guide has discovered a powerful new tool to make this process a snap. W.I.S.E. is a computer software that takes the guess work out of the process and puts you on your prey.

WISE Trail Camera Software: Unlease Your Camera

What you can do with your trail camera images

Match it with historical weather data

Suggest a stand to hunt based on forecast

  • “Stand Suggestion” feature that combines the weather with past activity data to suggest which stand to hunt based on upcoming forecast
  • Pattern individual deer with the W.I.S.E. tagging feature
  • Ability to >roll up data to enhance accuracy of patterning deer activity

Save reports

    that you want to use at a future time

Other awesome features

To download the W.I.S.E trail camera software and try it out for yourself, click here.

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