Black Bear Hunting Tips from Holt Lake Lodge

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We asked or friends at Holt Lake Lodge Adventures for some black bear hunting tips to help with our 2015 season. Here’s what Kim Hoffman had to share with us.

The Bear Baiting Experiment

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Join along side while we learn the ins and outs of black bear hunting.

Innovative Trail Camera Software

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Collecting data from your trail cameras, measuring the results and using them to determine when and where to hunt can often be overwhelming. Wild Guide has discovered a powerful new tool to make this process a snap. W.I.S.E. is a computer software that takes the guess work out of the process and puts you on your prey.

WISE Trail Camera Software: Unlease Your Camera

What you can do with your trail camera images

Match it with historical weather data

Suggest a stand to hunt based on forecast

  • “Stand Suggestion” feature that combines the weather with past activity data to suggest which stand to hunt based on upcoming forecast
  • Pattern individual deer with the W.I.S.E. tagging feature
  • Ability to >roll up data to enhance accuracy of patterning deer activity

Save reports

    that you want to use at a future time

Other awesome features

To download the W.I.S.E trail camera software and try it out for yourself, click here.

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