Colour Phase Black Bear and Trophy Whitetail

Submitted by ~Aarron Faulknerboy Bobier

Here is my colour phase black bear from May 2015. Taken in the Interlake Region of Manitoba.

15846_1157291984300131_8754656683245465261_n 906051_1159009220795074_5420106755704428789_o

My 2012 whitetail. Taken with my T/C Prohunter muzzle loader shooting 275gr Precision QT bullets over 100gr of Blackhorn 209 and a Winchester 209 primer. 165″. He was standing quartering away. The bullet entered in the ribs and exited out the off side shoulder. About 75 yard recovery.



One of the trail cam pics that I got of him. It shows off his 14″ G2’s.


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