Duck Cannelloni With Saskatoon Berry Cream

(yields 5 cannelloni)

2 medium duck breasts (we used mallard)
½ cup of chopped onions
½ cup pf chopped leek
½ glass of sauvignon blanc

2 large eggs
1 cup of flour
½ cup of canola oil
1 tea spoon of salt

Saskatoon berry cream.
½ cup of saskatoons
½ cup of chopped leeks
½ cup of chopped onions
½ glass of sauvignon blanc
A cube of butter

1. Season the duck breast with salt and pepper and roast for around 30 minutes in the oven at 400°F. The breasts I used were skin on so I had no need to add any oil, just placed it 15 minutes on the skin side and flipped to finish it on the other side using the fat from the skin as oil.

2. Remove from oven and put aside.

3. For the dough, combine the eggs, flour, oil and salt and mix with a mixer or by hand until you see that the dough starts to come together, add a pinch of water to make it more elastic.

4. When the dough is smooth, wrap it and place it in the fridge. The dough will be workable after 30 minutes in the fridge.
You always have the option to buy the dry cannelloni and use it as well.

The filling
1. Sautée the onions and leek. When they look translucent, add the white wine and reduce to around 50 %.

2. Put the sautéed onions, leek and the duck breast in a food processor until you have a very pureed consistency. Keep in the fridge for 30 minutes and proceed to make the cannelloni.

3. You can work with dried canelloni noodles to make this easier, just fill the cannelloni with the paste and that’s it. If you will work with the fresh pasta, you will need to roll the dough with a pin roller or a pasta machine and then place a little bit of the filling and roll it up into the dough, stick the dough with water or eggwash and cut the cannelloni giving the shape you see in the picture.
We used fresh dough.

It is very important to “blanche“ the cannelloni before they meet the sauce. To Blanche means to precook it in boiling water (3 minutes for fresh pasta, 7 minutes for dry pasta) and separate until you are ready for the final cook with the sauce. If you try to do this straight to the sauce, the sauce will be too reduced and pasta will not cook properly.

The Sauce
1. Sautée the onions and leeks until translucent.

2. Add half of the Saskatoon berries and the wine and reduce by 50%.

3. Add the cream, salt and pepper and bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and add the cube of butter, stirring until your cream has the consistency of a sauce.

1. Whether your cannelloni is coming from the fridge or already at room temperature, you will need to reheat them in hot water before they touch the cream (we don’t want a hot sauce but a cold filling)

2. Reheat the sauce and then put the warm cannelloni into the sauce for around 3 minutes.

3. Place some of the sauce as a base of the plate, place the cannelloni and cover with the rest of your sauce,

4. Garnish with the rest of Saskatoon berries.

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