Gnocchi with Deer Sausage, Red Onions, Bacon and Mushrooms

Top these pillowy gnocchi with fresh chives and grape tomatoes for a mouth watering dish.


4 deer sausages
½ cup of olive oil
4 liters of boiling water
500 gr of potato gnocchi
1 cup of smoked bacon precooked and chopped
1 pkg fresh mixed mushrooms (cremini, portabella, oyster)
1 red onion sliced
1 glass of white wine (Sauvignon Blanc)
Chopped chives
Sliced grape tomatoes


1. Sear the deer sausages in a pan with a little bit of the olive oil. Be sure that the sausage is seared all around getting a nice brown colour but don’t overcook it.
2. Put the sausages aside and add the red onions and bacon. Sautée until onions are translucent.
3. Add the white wine and deglaze until the wine is reduced 50%. Slice the deer sausage into ½ inch pieces and add to the wine and onions. Set aside.
4. To cook the gnocchi, place in boiling water until they float. Be sure not to leave any stuck to the bottom of the pot. Once the gnocchi are floating, strain and set aside. Afterwards you can sautée the gnocchi to get a crispy texture or simply serve it as is once boiled.
6. Place the pan with the deer, onions, mushroom mix, bacon and wine back on the heat and add the gnocchi stirring constantly to incorporate the ingredients
7. Add salt and pepper to taste and continue stirring until the wine is almost gone.

To Serve

Serve the gnocchi in a nice bowl and garnish with chopped chives and sliced grape tomatoes.

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