Rapala RipStop 12 – New Fishing Gear for 2018

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Rapala revolutionized minnow baits when it introduced its first Rapala RipStop —the #9 size— in 2017. The only bait with a turned-down boot tail, it’s considered part jerkbait, part twitch bait and part swimbait, with one important difference: it stops in place as soon as you stop your retrieve.

The Rapala RipStop #9 quickly earned its reputation as a fish-magnet. Now, its big brother has joined the line-up to answer the call for the times when you need to cast farther, fish deeper and present a bigger target.

Introduced at iCast 2018 on July 12, the Rapala RipStop 12 is twice as heavy and dives a foot deeper than the original. This beefed-up bait is 4.75” long—more than an inch longer than the #9—and has three no. 5 treble hooks.

Rapala RipStop 12The first few casts with the Rapala RipStop

I was a fan of the Rapala RipStop 9 as a lighter bait for targeting smallmouth and walleye. And I was excited to learn that a larger, heavier version was on its way this year.

I’ve now had the opportunity to fish the Rapala RipStop 12 a few times this season. It hasn’t disappointed. The hard-stop is still successful in triggering bites. But now I’m able to throw it farther, dig a little deeper and at times, take a more aggressive approach.

I love to hit the water early in the morning whenever I have the chance. It’s a great time to find good walleye up shallow, especially around the edges of weed beds. This is how I took my first casts with the new bait—and with some faster twitching back from shore, hooked up on the pause in little time.

Next, I took the bait on a bass tour around a small lake in northwestern Ontario—hitting shallow boulder piles off corners, turns and points. The bass wanted it slower that day—often striking the suspended bait after a long pause. I caught enough bass in a short few hours to know that this would be one of my go-to baits for the rest of the summer.

Rapala RipStop 12

Where to Buy the Rapala RipStop

If the introduction of the #12 is anything like the #9 was last year, they may fly off the shelves for the next few months—especially during the peak of summer bassing. Rest assured, the Rapala RipStop 12 is coming to a tackle store near you soon. It’s also available now through Rapala’s online store rapala.ca.

by ~ Carolyn Kosheluk

Rapala RipStop 12


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