Tip for Wacky Rigging Plastic Worms for Bass Fishing


Wacky rigging plastic worms has become a very common place tactic in bass fishing, especially when a slow bite demands a slow presentation. But this technique is fraught with all kinds of concerns when it comes to rigging. Simply putting a hook through the worm will callow the bait to be ripped off too easily. The use of rubber rings can help but makes it hard to keep your hook 90° to the bait resulting in lower hookup percentages. These rings can also become a choking point causing the worm to rip in half. These problems have all been solved, however, with the introduction of one of our favourite pieces of terminal tackle, the Pro Wacky Weight from Eco Pro Tungsten. This is a must have for those of you who love to wacky rig a worm. Check out our video below on how to rig this weight.

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